Friday, June 14, 2013

hump lock

grunt an lock an storm an
...torcido ,inentrado mi  ...
hump an hock an form an
chil’ sample  foaming
on yr leg yr leg’s r
olling cabbage sky’s th
igh  my clock stump my
warm glad worm  ...~  wh
ere yr chewed  ...¡... ay misti del
mar ay sobarodilla muerta
en la a rena  ...!...  con su
horizonte de cerotes  . .  .

)I was chewing the infant leg...((

the frog

putz ,gore ,dtrouble ttime
the ,gate the gape ,sor
pillotea soppy wit yr
,drool ,ace  .c lown c
rowd sobby one ,flactor
,sound of ,shipping ,born
.my tool fate ,raisin s
tuck inside yr shoe an
honeyed lint  .shuts do
or  .yr rubble dime
,furry with rust ,swa
llow yr wwatch an ccou
gh iit upp p   p

...loss of ants...

food cloud

encanto si canto sincanto y
sal go sin cam a hogo the
cloudy foot pellets the
food ni como ni cama ni cá
cara re clam or o shin
gles in  w  i  n  d   the
s livered leg coatl the oztli
hollín de cu cara cha en
contra en cuentro en cor
vado en el ca ca mino
del mar sin mar emoto

tanto canto claro tanto canto tan sin sol
- Osvaldo Cibils


must wheel

the bead choke the
glop miser fake the
tunnel derision of
yr flaking wall mu
ral leaves rotting
in the gutter the
gate yr fork the
sc owl diving thru
the bombs yr
neck twists off
]beneath the bed

:::::fog::: at the e  dge of town


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