Thursday, May 9, 2013


,,,,,el lugar ameno ,de
mi caca flaca tus
)cojines plurilácteos(
se caen al río a
mar go tea    ,,,,,com
o mis calce tines c
omo el tenedor de la or
eja un  )árbol congelado(
entre los mundos mudo con
gestionado congojado
tu congrio ciego que
te espera en la
leche al fondo del
mar         ,,,,,

                                r  e  m  o  t  o

 Te remato, mano.
- Mariano Azuela


ay soap my lung hung d
ate shrink ,tasty ch
in leavings squirming in my
eye cloud’s a dripping
knot the lunging words foc
ussed on yr knee my
HULKING sandwich f
og a LURK behind the sp
reading door ]coughed
into the mildewed suit
case[ never shut but
shut for years
- Vicente Huidobro

The Cleaner Mirror

dry the mute soap dri
zzle neck sentence
fingered next the lake
where yr shirt lamp s
tain spells a the  .the na
me’s storm the cle
aner drawl half ti
ghtens up my ,“fatal”
“c lock” ’s gar gling in
your laundry )))))where
the washcloth’s dr
owned          ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((
...spat the lint back up...
-John M. Bennett


Boom the Core be
nt dog ‘n mine sky s
tent f lavor wh
eeling to ward the
mar gins  .where yr
ass foc us s hines w
here yr Woof Door
slams ‘n pops s
lams ‘n p ops a
heel yr “rapbid ex
it”  .)))al meollo s
ticky ‘n s tinky
...en el corazón...un tenedor...
- José-María de Heredia


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