Sunday, May 12, 2013


yr shit flaucet ,one
loot scrawled ,the
drip-tegxt umento
f raying in yr che
wed-off shoulder  )wh
ere the ANTS c(  old
asleep beside the
stdream a dump e
.dog rice nor ,leaf
howlers in the dizt
ant dargk trees


   - avec plusiers mots de Samuel Beckett

root blade sky musique de
l’indifférence my sticks in
hand ventre à terre I squ
all an sleep bouche suçant
à vide the bed wr inkles
,cornered ants ,clouds sur
ma tombe d’air

...cara de fango...
- José Eustacio Rivera


the mailed stunner of yr
gr asp the clotty ape
cocktailer in nur fogus
shapes uh ,tent on fire
,lugar a menos ,port
tátil ,informática s
inking in the diverticulitis
soup yr  ))scalded sh
oulder(((  an the doppler
scream  .yr age re
acts an  .twisty one ,c
hoking onna stamp

...carte, et boue...
- Petrus Borel


my door’s seer cream it’s
,chum wind’s an yr sticky
ear it’s ,f lame it’s ,dr
inks yr ash soda ,tape’s
peeling off yr face ,it’s
,cloud’s source ,timer it’s
,chunk’s long futilized
,it’s a ,done peel ,me
at s lumps be neath the
table it’s ,phones the
,clown it’s ,it’s H-ing ch
air h  h  h  h  h  h  h 

it’s spoon it’s lung


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