Wednesday, August 22, 2012


esss camote esss ,pill ssshirt esss
,clamor o tunasss podridasss
,sssilla ssshimmering in the sss
ump pump hole yr ))))foggy
ssshadow(((( sssandwich de un
pessso essspecial para ,lo
misssmo lo inaudito lo pla
sssmático y sssonogramático
en el essscusssado nocturno
- where yr sssweet potato
fell - )))dark with mot
or oil((( ))tendencia sss
weaty(( - or the sssugar
- barking ,ladeado para
no ver nada – la esss
encia ssshapelesss )an
yr mazorca de sssueño

...the lesser lists were lost in the toilet.
- Dr. G. A. Rabatos


my lobster fuel ,deck of
carne de cloaca ,mild
piles semidesnudas ,tum
befactos los chéveres pu
ercos grises de la mo
neda ,que clatter in the
tank such drink ,agüita
de cerote ,pulmón ren
dido ,salmón gelatinoso en
el fondo del fridge )))≈your
lake≈((( crusted corpses see
ping in the banks burning
clothes on all the aceras
de los hospitales ay mi
facial eating !))))foam
rising in my throat....((((

...manger tes jambes dans l’eau...
- M. Er. l’Elevateur

olvido de la caída

haw thot spew that forking
corn lender hype spread a
way the tousled hat the
eye drained below ah greasy
brim fell into the blender
where my soup form foamed
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
spattered wall cloud impregnation
the shouldered water ,aim my
log scribbled toward the rap
ids spiraling past the window
high above ,the fog washed stone
the wandered stair the sw
arming lenses smeared like
passports or yr pocket
choclo with its sticky lint
~ ~ ~ spell the water sp
ell the diesel oil spell the
socks lost in all those su
itcases falling from the cliffs

...en la piedra, el aire estancado.
- Neftalí Reyes


raw ham b
other root drool


la llanta


try to
swerve list
pill grime
the folded ,one


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