Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mighty Swift

My glasses climb up my
ass so I saw the knife
normally unfit for
prey such as this
the lenses black and
speckled with red
candy you forced on me
you leaking thumb lint
tousled with garlic
your heart little better than
a jujubee sticky with
cathair under the setee

Blaster Al Ackerman &
John M. Bennett
May 15, 2012


dik dik ,¿dónde? tornillo in
ttonso rest ahead chow slottt
.tttthe slacks bile y puse
el lomo ,plattttto de hule
,lo singular ni gula es res
tttittutiva mi cáscara ,ttt
ttttrueno 4 the raucous
ttttimerfartttt shape re
amer ,“amargo el aire” ins
ttttanttttáneo mi Túnel
liberado yr mmutttturd
leg g g ¡ay ,mi gritttto o
grifo! ))surely the shirtttt
was coughing in the sttreett((


toot luck ,Rinse ,so
ot ,sock ,tore the
,rootmaster lunchy in
my throat my ,last top
yawn ,beast ,loomer ,lur
ks ,never missed nor ,p
lot fog ,luster net em
drinko loom ,born to
,sky shout ,tree the
,borers spitting ,the
lunchers growled my
day shutter fire
bloomed an heavy l
ike ,was plunder
,stinking in my
,windy fist


sneezefield what my doggy
blouse blew to revelation
fraught with horns and
fantods banged against the
fence my )sleeping pool( my
))stinking rock(( my )))ash
tunnel((( walking toward your
door a single arf a ))))shoe((((
)))))peeled bees((((( buttons
named with blood your ))))))w
ristless hair(((((( a book sm
oulders in yr hat but wh
at spattered saw was born
was died was transformation
in the black oiled weeds


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