Thursday, May 3, 2012

sót ano

sp read the tu be me at my
dog ,steamed ,heart dust the ,c
age of lunchmeat staring
at my p late induct
ion coil oozing on your s
tool )the padlock gaze(
clinckk file ,rusty d
rawers in the mildewed
base meant to take a
brea th but slaept a
gainst the walll clo
sed my eyes at the
sticky sill _o o_ )saw
the sky slant a
w a y


pondo )) grammatic ))) see uh
)))) coughing lake ‘O’ sand
throat streaming wa,s,n’t ,I
,mindimbécil surely saw the
higher foot ,stepped into the
sloshing clause my shoe a
grapefruit rotting in the dum
pster [O] saw lame saw rind s
aw full the pockets of my
shirtjac sez leaf sez t
ime sez ,plenty putrid
still was stood and cou
nting the pencil )))))
,miles to scrawl ,per
sistant light around the
cor ner [ [ [ [

mo ol
-for Andy Gricevich

bal loom af fects im
bo ca flacr ante este lencgua
pod rida ntic iflation h
uff in versal ffu h I
slebpt )in tonso( plu vi
oso eye exp losion in em
blook ))g runty p age((
)))labro sig nage((( sieze
dungs hirt ))))leg in((((
ovulation change your
shoe )))))fork sammich
f o a m i n g in the
sun((((( ))))))it
ch(((((( the barking
cloud )))))))twisted
((((((( ]in your lap[


should shovel sh ould g ame
instructrix c hop t own
,drib bling pole ah cl
angging bannersnot dry
ing in the stif fened
breeze caged hog
face trytrying to forget
c rushed heads s
tinking at the base the
less ons rot l earned
leaned against the spi
ttty wall reek ,ch
oke ,d rop the sp
lintered han dle like
yr arm yr billetera
atestada de cerotes


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