Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sole Dadas chunk 28
Transduced from Góngora's Soledades 1614

Low cake degraded mass sea determined’s
dull brief isolate, and occupies such fortune,
the extreme exhaust and daily misery’s
moderating. On the plank loss receives
the pattering of dust, emulates cane’s
dull sacked Nereo, no yak dance
porked all the paired skulls’ vibe,
porked in the mirror’s presiding monarch
all exercized miniscus, quantum
porn siezed hills, porn siezed dying balls,
where dull ceilings spume and dull mirrors strayed.
Cocked the pestered con’s urbane still,
and to’s sub voice, which the junk obeyed,
splays hill’s soiled candid sea flayed,
what’s enraged constructied and stained the heel.
The hurtled clay’s fried oysters, too keen and double,
in the sea’s purple rose, the lily’s knee.
Day’s garden cult seethes in fingered grunt
and salted all labradors’ previous improv
of crystals uncertain, to the scene
or to the cake’s corvid leaves the fundament:
urn of Aquarius the imitated pain,
lo beast unclotted, and if conned gross pie’s
paired in the fugal peel, nubbins pissed,
in’s burlaped low moan’s the past’s massed jute.
The vista’s salted pork means
dull hustle’s admired
and lost not liquid pearls, which all moments
at’s last cortext junk (poured in vents the cake
nuts less hail than day, bean cake dreamt)
the canner’s remittance noduled,
and of Bertrand all terminus’ the labor’s
brief hair, coiled corvid dental
and lost plants was’s whee mordant cultics.


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