Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Laugh It Off

Dearer than a bucket of
french fries and wigs
closing in on your great
earlobe where the pencil
dangles far enough away
to dribble on my shirt
and say I realize what
folder rubbers are
and why you are such
wrinkly innertube smoke
no different than a commie
named Red-Head Jap your
short hairs twinkling like
the TV you threw in the tub
and called it Be Smoke
first then call it Afterbirth

Blaster Al Ackerman & John M. Bennett
May 14, 2012


shoulder water an my wave re
petition the soggy blade my
leg remeats my repe
tition where my your po
cket cheese finds the rep
etition scrawls the nu
mber same the numb r
epetition ur swallow off
the elbow juice repetit
ion nods all closet
treasure repetition dust an
gritty sock repetitio
n ease yr fading b
ones yr repetiti
on itching like a g
nat repeats repeated
in yr r ear no wonder
they call you King of the World

for Blaster “All Different All the Same”
Al Ackerman (with tiny addition
by Blaster Al Ackerman)


the crawling cream ev
actuation nest the s
wirling bowl your
shirred cloud sacktion
divvies up dawdles
down denser sid
eways peripherectic
chopoff when the cei
ling falls your cup
with plaster fills o
hissing in the ears be
fore the handle sh
ake !

))ni lago ni cloaca((


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