Saturday, November 26, 2011


nope the plunger cor ah
nek id lap pretender
fog ~ my nates an loo
ming lungch !)the cap
raised a coatl ~comes t
he runny crowd the
streaking ~ smoke ,bullhorns
<< •••• yr knot frying
in my └eg ,,, I named
a moth smeared on

tower where the stones
rained ●● down the win
dow in my thigh □ your
tongue Ų retraction tubes
clattering in the gu
tter I bared my n
eck clock off swam ≈
“la isolación nombrada”
es mi pierna izquierda do
nde el cielo se revela

“...le cortaron la lengua tronada”


my dust dog swirls across
the barranca la cuecuerva
mumúltiple se abre el o
ojjo único un pico escrito
he ,un túnel where I
barking was all day e
toda a noite a nonoite
ininvisível onde a cl
oaca burns the dark
ened flames

an arc of gnats res
tored the dawn’s lif
ted leg the clumps of
tissue under your ta
ble ╥ where a spider ri
vers in space ≈ your
passing farted down the
ha// • • • meat and
laundry tick on the list
,,,,tu cuerda anudada,,,

“,.,.,quipu stuffed in her shirt.,.,.”


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