Wednesday, November 23, 2011


my “dusty” lake crusts
in my eyeojo de agua õ
fornido de puertas y tene
dores it’s your cheese plate
smears □□□ the itching b
all of glass crackling t
oward the broiler door m
y m outh vac ancy yr
sod den s hoe lost

yr boiled blinker fu
mbled shirt lunch t
urd ∞ steaming ~ on the
bench a laundered
moo n yr che wed
neck gristle o cough
the ape yr boc a con
tains the ,window past
your crumpled waves ≈ ▀

...ime solution scribbled on a napkin


le soga emética tus inmin
mundos y astravientos *≈ ...t
he caged foot reversal and my
hoovered trace slugged it
out the passage raged an
all my raisins hard like g
ravel••••• )my page b
luster ,lever fortress wh
ite with ash . . . . . . . (((

dusty rope beneath the f
loor’s endless tales of
,cash lint left ,trusted
clocks ≈ drizzled on the
sand you . . . coughed be hind
er rate ,the paused nu
mber Ѳ... like las migas que
te echas ,brazos y mu
ndos que se olvidan del fuego ~

...what lists and hands converge...


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