Tuesday, November 15, 2011

short of shirt you
grunt ≈ boil
time to tie

r o o t

ble w g nat
w rite r ice
mutey one

c ash of g ash o
f d rip f at ho
se , , , , , of f
p aid ste m
lung ch

him was m uttered
uhn unh nuh

the slope

loot whistle º º º
s ure s hoe w as

as ash was

ma il mi le
m ite mis t
fue led enh
a i r


hhott hhole ddroppeed mmy
nnickckle inna a thththrumm
nneedd ccosst a opptticcornn
wrwrithingng inn mmy shsha
ddow _ _ _ ddry ththe ppestst
tthe ddusty..... wwinddow.....

ffraughght withth lunnchch uuh
clcloudded hheeel ssleeeppingng
onna aaspirinn umm y ye c
cornn rorole mmummblingng
ggrime jujustt wwakke orr
nenever uhh nnevverr


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