Friday, October 1, 2010

~ lluvi ~
~ armónic ~
~ oma ~
~ ni sueño ~

) sism (
) onda (
) simón ma (
) no (
) )oñar( (

< fasto >
< f tunesco >
< figur >
< axión >



l inmístico l
l insta l
l mantra l
l nura l

Bark Light

m gone m
m spray list m
m map thumper gaze m
m seen the seer ,sheerness m
m clovis dander drifting in shirt m
m sleeves and hair puddled in hearth m
m snore m
m shoulder crust bright with frozen mold m
m clock mud neighbors the street m
m shudder dogwurst stung lake m
m fellow blam tornado m
m pleasant gun m
m boom m

Double Thumb

o bald o
o weather source o
o shoe flood scintillation o
o aim to sembrate ,crystallized o
o sure sanked ,foamed and chewed o
o clotted lumber where your arm aimed o
o bush o
o loom the book thought hairless one o
o job klack ,klack sense ,fueling o
o bumbled cross the dork o
o same puzzle leak o
o step spray o
o gore o

The “Assistant Director”

the nodding scumbag covers all its
sides or tries .flated tho ,it
dimly squirms and sucks its
feet a poison where it clocks
a pallid light like gravel in
its cheeks I walked around and
smelt the door .a buttstink
there ,plodding ,numbness ,fries
and worms .my “luck was
eaten” and my eye was born
.clouded with the rising sun

Leaned Way Over

glut streak ,stone sleever ,headed
for a hoop shut turned back .crowed
pissentered nor a blooming was a
severed shot upside my .blasted past it
.shook .a gruntload ,bicep flattened
crash “center” and a spotted flound
ered ,in the grown ,dabbed upon ,a
fake or crunch ,like crushing marbles
in my teeth the trash hung left .nor
mal “business” ,tried to hold it in ,a
shout plunge ,cliff


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