Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Apt to Spread

spread the shadow form my hamster
lunge contraption fork ,cage or tool
,“darkness” in my lap your hair fell
off )blistered( damp heel ,the dog
throat compaction ,made for loops and
loops the made for compaction throat
dogs the heel ,dump blisters ,off
fell hair !your lap mine in darkness
tool or cage fork ,contraption lunge
:hamster my form shadow the spread

The Sandwich

spray the ham sewer rain lung
flobpping on the table my dense
glass listens .age of stung and
co-relentless ,push push ,tonnage
scaled before the “view” a ladder
clawed with flames .isinaction o ,a
tongue charred with light be
neath the floor a lake a rotting
turtle a chair called the moon

sure hog
shot hog
the bag clusters
the false guns

cheese and hives
chair logger
che ap s


ses gado
siestinal sis
tema sin
n ortaleza es


cocodrilo a
viento es

es cúpido

returned the cave
crap boot


fog throat
high dime

mime an itch

crew of sneeze
dog limb

er mutt mot


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