Monday, June 21, 2010

=oil phone==
=bomb dust match===
=shoe crystal grape sore====
=mort fog never clotted sunk=====
=it shirt sluggish cheese sprayed======
=clod tune grumbled empty socks=====
=bell hat soaking arm====
=sleeve fire crawling===
=mumbled suit==
=bomber dog cash spreads in chest======
=looter flag gummed the shirt=====
=mice flaw sentient sand====
=grows pants slaw===
=belt shadow==
=barking funnel==
=grasp the leak===
=doc wallet fulla mud====
=musty fellow louder gravel spit=====
=pry my neck with scalding air======

Eating the Coffin

gosh shining )rope( snail utter “foot” fell
into the toilet’s sailing rabbits ,gutless
nails gleam dully in my lap loot my winding
hash ingestion )fog an luster( the wall s
wells in .the ice forgetting ,fat whining ,t
he needled face lost in smoke my tiny
painting sunk in sink my tainted grease
plate dissolves my steam fulfills my “ha
bit” ends is ending

u der the
whistle the

On the Way

the ice lamp spat the dump phone saw the
clouded heel slept and dreamed a muddy
teabag .north of here a fire and south .wall
ets filled with salt I drank the sparks and sat
my gravel on a wheel a tire something whis
tling and a falling tree the bullets sting past

shirt the crawling



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