Thursday, June 17, 2010

El Correo del Encuentro

cloture of rocks gland paw fussy lip drivel
or the seething table’s spending all my p
ork steak saved for soup spitting .my pus
tule lake filled with duck balloons my
hair lamination bursts my hat fork g
leaming in the post office my stamped hand
sent my gurgling sent my doubty lunggage
sent my cross the hall the



The Pants Removed

matter or flatly stormed blaster pressure
bloodied mind the dumpster fog I sucked my
breath .plate cloud ,my sweaty face runs a
cross the table where my focus fogus heaves .pel
daño de mierda y un río mis piernas cruzan
,refenestrado soy o eres .estáte aguado y fon
ar el silencio flatter form past the flooded
mine .the doorway clumps and my lispenation

cradles an cables

fought the mooned

:try to......
:try to chain.....
:try to chain think....
:try to chain think clunking...
:try to chain think clunking stare..
:try to chain think clunking stare phone.
:try to chain think clunking mud..
:try to chain think scalding...
:try to chain fly....
:try to lisp.....
:try not......

:to throat
:peel hum lint
:tool lad drinking it
:bog night folded cloud rant
:meal pool blinking sand type choked
:knot law step dreams me
:wet sock eye tongue
:use you streak
:bell name


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