Sunday, March 11, 2018

plastic fish

the dream of thirsty salt )M. Dec.(
is a dream of a hole deep in crusty soil
a stone temple crowned with
crumbling combs )your hair's thrashing
fuses lit or lit cloud of gnats around the
detonator( dream of a spitting dream is
the spittle of yr eye afloat in a
glass of beer is your hand stumbling
through a submarine your kitchen the
lights went out in heavy rain you saw the
moon tremble in your left eye the right
a damp broken plaster wall it is your
shoe your shoe an efulg ent de-expect
oration thickening in a corner

eye combs
rain and pants(

la cueva abre su bocanube's
suit swirls in the tongue's
strong current fog asleep on a hill
drums under water ffootts
scrabbble alongg beaeach
)“ 'bomb' actually loose wires,
rotting food”( vit tourner dans l'eau noir...
- Gérard de Nerval


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