Wednesday, March 7, 2018

techo sordo

dream of hunger is talking to
your naked feet under the desk
is a boat sails sub
merged in a pl acid sea
yr blood's up bl eachedf ^^^ on shingles
wha t f akes ins ertion – fell from the
rain g utter - enteroendemic scum cor
rodes ah wires danglers out cl
ouds' gritty sky ))vom it asspitratio
n vines thrash your facial o pen
mouth's a shoe gagg ging in a
tree's peom whheeezy
wired feet
roof fog burns

)“or socks walk the water's
total meat condition”(

corner red slobpy
each yr fissured bucalage a bur
sting gate yr shshor t
half drowns the watch
puzzle or hole
buzzard neck

)Jessica Manack dreamt of hunger(

)“A highly cited paper published in
BLOOD mentions the name John M. Bennett”(


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