Sunday, March 11, 2018

- An opening in Ivan Argüelles'
Arbolito! & The Final Punctuation

off the small table in dark tree's
leaves a silver splinter shot u
nder litter was a final punctuation
left in the washing machine a dream
of a poem is sand glittering in a
drawer a b lack ty pewriter hissing
its silence where's yr fog? where's yr
damp pencil? is the window open to a
storm's hot flood a single sh
adow blows yr nose in a m ask
nestled in stones oOoOoo
how far the beach? edge of lum
inosity I itch you itch the cor
pse itch es un sol con los ojitos
cerrados hold nothingmeat
Hostage, nor uneven us...
- Jim Leftwich & billy bob beamer


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