Friday, November 25, 2016


wrist drew inside the shadow b
leat yr same indaction's
haint eh foam pullenic ,c
hew deep long squirrels re
gards non nape's hot storm

leat yr name's inaction w
reath or frown bbleeds
across yrn brow ,is h
eaps was chewy chore w
as fulmination creeps an dips

hair said form inglactic c
lip stuck to tip's much glue
,pall of ththought engraved
will execute will nombinate
will even all yr thumbs rot off

hew a seep long yr furrowed sea
fill yr shorts' doubt sup
port ,blabber bblabber jest
shut damn up yr coughing
shore ,invasion's tongue blood

guards' dung shape's shot dorm
ant regard ,waking's sleep
.it's normless ,ashen ,jittery ,is
firey fog rises horizonte ,raise
wrist grew beside a swallowed leaf

fog tongue glue bleed storm


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