Friday, November 25, 2016

it will be yesterday

tomorrow I'll remember the
book buried in sand to
morrow I'll remember the ph
one rang under the bed
tomorrow I'll remember a fauce
t opening my hands tom
orrow I'll remember the s
tone I dropped off a cli
ff ttomorroww I'll remem
ber a whistle found in a
closet tomorrow I'll re
member tomorrow rem
ember the tomorrow of a
fire on the table tomor
row I'll dismember the
leg that sweat on a
porch tomorrow I'll reme
mber to remember the
coins I threw at your
sister tomorrow I'll
remember the cancer I
saved in a jar tomorrow
I'll remember to forget
the sandwich crushed in
your pocket tomorrow
I'll remember today to
forget the ladder sliding
down a wall tomorrow
I'll forget the page co
vered with blood tom
orrow I'll remember the
ash I mixed in the milk
tomorrow I'll never remember
tomorrow and remember to forget
the suitcase burning in the basement

...ese animal furtivo
que ya no vive entre mis dedos.
- Julio Cortázar


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