Saturday, May 10, 2014

the soaping crowd

baby in the furnace was
your teeth apoclyp chambir
coffee sliced the baby
campus cast the teeth
your social skin under
mire the prison skin your
trigger snake was sound
or sausage will the baby
dance I frozen shimmer
slice the smugness upper
management iratecated in
heritance the baby ex
plores your digital fur
nace exexplained the
folding chair was radical
measurment hand made
bomb was baby pene
trate the public metric
written was it written
finger lined up to bom
b the baby contaminated
all the eaten rules the
codes ignited teeth were
will socks the baby’s
cred ignited teething
abyss vocabulary shadow
attacks the mirror attacked
will mirror the page be
lief or baby thrashes
through the rising sea

doub  le  ,see  n

Flickering through Jim Leftwich’s
Six months Aint No Sentence, Book 73, 2014


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