Tuesday, February 4, 2014

the when

pu ll b lock aim the bag
el dr owned in mot or
oi l yr lent es c louded at
yr min imum de ductible or
dog dis integration in the
dryer’s Xbalanque giggles
in a c ave ah plas ered b
ook with a turd     a     like a hat

pee-blown wind in the door


el flaco

aFlojar the shut soap
itchy cave su pie o snot g
ate rotting in the wind yr
last hand the outer snore r
onquido flácciddo como ce
rote o río   ≈   ≈   I raised the
ham stone ,bisbiseante ,por
la apertura ~  ~   ~


the elbow

s s ot her nia tropic bot
tle under the b ed with
h air s tuffed ,ur ine
see ping ou t yr w ick yr
ton gue yr mud and st
roked pock et ymology of the
chan chre s tone bulg ing
shin ing drooling shits
in the dogfood aisle dr
ones above the trees f
all behind the door glue e
very p age s

Unexpected Closet Lurking
- The Ling Master [Blaster Al Ackerman]

the shore

soon the floor shade sh
all ,or when ,a shoe or
lake across the sill acr
oss the watered bridge ,so
on the green mouth’s mile
,or tape ,day’s regression
on the dusty toast a
sleep beneath your chair be
neath the smouldered roof
or where ,the trees the
window speaking in the
breeze down the well be
neath the clouds be
neath the clattering sun

:and then he arrived at invisibility

...chicaan tupuc sikale...
- Chilam Balam de Chumayel


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