Thursday, January 30, 2014

el viento


Õ   Õ




the clock

fulminarate ,soapy ,where
the sombra ,flustered ,sh
aped the leg pozole es
mi aguacácate ,floated in
the lap se or ,between the
imprecaciónorates ,was st
anding at the bulbit chewing
‘s pulpy pages of the re
volición ,comino del dren
aje perdicho  )so clean so
frothy ,forth incielso(
))what my chattering hat in
held ,what(  ...ash convection
,and a sweltered soup  ...(

...shit school...

the suite

ay shot the sure o
r afterburn hel p plage
rize the flap corn see
m s ente nce once wh
ence the bar rel ease
d the hot ball yr
sh irt shootin ,poli
o mbligo enintensered w
here the vergüenza fl
aca’s comelotodo ,risueña
,pulcritudinaria y tu cas
a l se llena de sem
illa ,forno de formiga
,chew yr chert ,trembling
in the settling mud

wrapped in string the frontal skull

el mojado

so shoot the ,dip and lug
,calf untwisted in the
sheets ,or focused f
olds re thought ,toward’s
placid plain ,with a box
of nails ,a belt uncoiling
on the edge ,if edge
resists ,the endless bor
der in the shiftless riv
er’s center ,where my
drifting shirt app ears
,and then ap pears ,its
buttons loose as if’s lau
ndry’s cause ,the was
hing cycle’s cycled re
gard’s the ,edible pants

lunch and lunge ,again


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