Sunday, June 9, 2013


Sworn lender ,caw
,shroud time ,a ,lake
gasket ,where  )my(
boat ,a wing dance
,luggage ssinkingg
nimbus fulla spoons yr
ash mirror gritty l
ips that taut yr
gneck what ca
geless face rebores ?

it’s ace it’s age it’s
ask the fog it’s  .Cave
spewing rain

...nuts, and towels.
- Jack A Withers Smote


meter cumber ,obv
lensive - eh - to
maba vaapor tom
aba D. Agujerito una
ccopa de aiire in
the tigcking gglass
your hormiguitas
,ttenedores ,ggrifos
gogoteanttes WHEN
MI MANO enwriggles
towward yr kknee
.no soy la nada mas
lo nado soy ,ni n
ada ni adan ni
nadandante nad
armado con la
aspiradora de mi
namadre respiré.
-E. A. Poe

funnel time

the blistered doorheel the
garras de coatlicue the
peonies rotting in a
jar action huff ,tor
menta ,de ,hormigas con
alas  .just I ,went  .cor
uscation of the afterbowel
,a tubeworm snores  .))w
ash the cave deck the
rocks with spit stuff
the tunnel with corn your
head collection shaking
in its coat of dust

eyeless rabbits circle the house


the lung Truss ,grey an
,doubted ,wavering was
,a pissy fflag ,my fl
oundering down the s
stepps eat yr ash
eat  .)))the creamed cor
n n  ddripping from yr
shshordts an ppooling
next the writ wall :
Cloudy Tanks
Gristle Fog
Lap Muscle
nor yell like crazee glue
nor crown the pplas
tic skull shiny in its
fecal g litter

...cerote del alba...
- Dr. N. Minente


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