Monday, May 6, 2013


S wam th b read lagke
●●● w arm s pit s ●●●● lo
dged again st me s pine a
))he...ll((  a ,sp lashing at the g
ate my :single one ,a sh
irt sh eet s mothered  =]focus
sed onna for k[=  an pl
anned the sp read cagke  )))oér
the tos sing br ine(((  yr to
wel jammed “again st” the g
rime ,prou dly riddled on yr
arm...  ]folded cave[

...t loaf...

se w

d  clou t asb piration bbut I
NO I  ...k then ,was n’t f
ache the  ]head shovel[  a
im mi cor n b row the “b
oiling s even’s” )in take b
reath(  classy hell s tumbles
dow n th h ill  )my sup
per folding f ills(  ...yr s
outh along the t rain...
...ape the fistula...
plication mud...  for got
bbut NOT  ...)))unborn...  ...


be ts o’ ,k not sh
,adow pile  )yr a
ft   (   er lab io
labialic indentention
 lake o fla
ke a way ≈  ≈   ≈    ≈     ≈      ≈
tease the teeth an



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