Friday, April 12, 2013

Eht God Srorrim

pee th m
ir or f
lectio N
atter d
ark s ock
n ose h

limp window gr
ass ume t
h rot fem
pty loc o
liz ación

hee m hee
mp hee t
he scal
ding beet

sure wont
shur gal
lone of the
m spidtt ing

usser ennding
ware yr f
ork lint l
ent tity
growwling in
the beens

ak ak so
I sisted
sennse o’
foot jacked
t able

sleeeep gutt
an er the b
rindled cou
ch remind th

fewgul morn
oppo rasp
denmd r
ope ns c
orn            nnn

r oof d ogg
le pie d
a vec son
~little worms

eem sn
eeze o w
hee  ))ze
((  fantd
ust a

ch ama t
ornio bee
ns bal o
ney anna
Giant THumb

filtch tiny
pepperpaks l
ike fingg
ernails      ) )

ilk Rang
er Bob n
or my r
oot fone

talkk to th
hhole car
rot libves
ther ,shiny

lube an r
oof ood t
he g utters

mile m
ute c
lam ,mot

r unny sh
irt hi m
too lbox
of s and

bill t s
eem w
all et d
og b la
g bar ky
wa ter


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