Thursday, April 4, 2013


usele ess numbb er 1951
my corn re turned a
claca spittering on the
“floor” was ecto
plasmid ,shore redact
,temple or the tiempo
de tu güevo derecho
- in the window’s b
link face - el vi
aje del re greso nun ca
,ingreso del vacío ¡
.the drain a milpa ni
ponesa ,))where I saw
my own bla nk e yes

Corn and Smoke
- Blaster Al Ackerman


my eyes em path)etic(  t
ocked or watch unwound
ack u rate in chattering
time what’s that a shoe
.had scattered through
the mud & turds a
weeping puzzle wrap a
chowder of them thou
ght less guns o ojos
zapotecas con crema de
itzcuintli  )Anahuac a
hogado(  where I saw
“the hole”

...numbered off...

...en los pisos altos...
- Carlos Fuentes


itch the ash the ass lep
rosario torn my enteusage
claim my underouch sev
ered logluggage es mi
plan tostado mis paines
with the hairy teeth  .sn
ore yr ddribbling .wh ey
the bloodies running down
yr arm the “wheeling sp
spoon” uhn unh ,nuh
infogcussed ,claimed ssau
ssage ffingered in my ppp
ocket where you  )gnaw
the effort(  of my ss
agging toward the bbu
rning chchair

 ...te comiste la gorra.
- Cantinflas

espejo del olvido

shuffling behind the word S
a window with its socks a
muddy wind a well some
water skulls shapeless
time’S  form time’S  shapeless
skulls water ,some well a
wind muddy S  socks it’s
with window an S  word the
be hives shuffling S
tones and candy wrappers

‘‘]foams’around’the’door[’’ quité el pantalón.
- Juan Rulfo


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