Friday, February 15, 2013

Espejo de La Llorona

the suction ,Llorona ,romantic
thaw hollow de tus años
ininefables simultaneous sea
rustles in the accelerator
flaws ,Llorona ,garlic paril
mis pelos elécticos oppo ha
tfly mal de l’oeil his shoe
,Llorona ,inner knife spayed
the corn fog I ate you
twice, Llorona ,adjectival
maps stuttering in the
wheeze your shock coo
king ,infame ,bovino ,lus
tros ahogados en la ec
onomía osmosis’ poultry
glutial ,Llorona, facilitafe
the static tunnel mass ,pro
cedured stiffling in all yr
ratos ,rats ,ramas ,vox
pukuli the citation poaching
,Ashaninka ,Llorona ,tie
my vacuum trajectory
off the rolling coda it’s
my departure castrado
,Llorona ,lo que breaks for me

...cross-explosag accret...
- Jim Leftwich,
Six Months Aint No Sentence, Book 38

Espejo de La Chocani

squat lock time ay Chocani bu
lation finance the honor moo
ds historical liver drowned
inside the fracture blur ,your
loom arability ,Chocani ,neo
hiss engagement con lo
perdido en el movement legs
jab the volcano’s rubberized
chicle O escorpio’s wind
,Chocani ,floss the sand
wich axis where yr mert
o muerto se llena de agua
,centro del ubre ,architecture
lomismo ,moths and darks
Chocani ,variation of the
water in yr burned
roulette’s “sea figure”
:cerré la puerta el ca
ndado porks research a
vant ,Chocani ,open the
desert’s ears across the
foam form mis silents o
slilencios ,fishing in the
battery ,burn the
house, Chocani !

...time in shifts...
-Jim Leftwich,
Six months Aint No Sentence, Book 37


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