Sunday, February 3, 2013

Billboard Mirror

.maul the grappling hammer yes
.net clumping ,spay yr
eyes now .the foggy lau
ghter ,an yr “issue” )tap
e befour the shingled clou
d d d .mile sky ,f
loating ! ͭ screw
the head c law ! )where th
e link pond ers wh ere
t he ‘s blind )the life t
he life you’s spent an l
eft ,in ches squirming
)bags of trash inhaled(

...esencia cagada (, (, (,


...on the berm.
- John M. Bennett

The Folded Mirror

pull the corn coffed shawl
ack tidy leg’s whisper
where yr fore shore dried

ay the tripled wave forgot
yr empty cup spilled yr
hungered fork flesh filled

dime and shadow luck
retrieval uh sucked dark
dice in your pocket shine

Dawn Reflects

gyp my moon faced
hum Tree
“neck gate” a

blnd hgh wndw

Wind Reflect

up un
slap ‘em
fly my taste
)its cloud(
knees the storm pane

Reflect and Swim

your toot one
log meat
peel the night

bright cloud

High Reflection

she’s “neck”
T lover
~~waves of laundry~~
“the halting Tower”
now is((


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