Thursday, September 29, 2011

turned the face was
there a meat my
masculation masti
cada como pan
indemne abracé
la hoja chewed the
filo aceroso dried
brown blood ,,,,,

ventana ,muerta ,em
bolismo ,güero ,pul
món cacoso o cuerv
ito mío sung yr ton
gue a voz plena
moscas ,jejenes y
el guano de tu ojo

nut wallet

the meat comb

s nor e en fogg
mus cle ≈
wet )welt(
dun g rain

fl a ppp ing inna ccorn
d ent er sp i
ne = hu ack ak
losefound uh

slabbo hen l oot
* * * * *
eggy was

mule far north the
dim direction wa
tered ≈ an the
cost gath ered in
to s tung dr ink

hall f eel my b
us tick et be low
the rock ● s tunk
gnat * sleeping in
yr ¬ shoe


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