Sunday, September 25, 2011

the shuddering sock the .late neck ||
coughs the shadow on yr lake a phone
of oil ≈ ~ cash hopping ,throat ink ,,,,,
ben d ump the pillowed glass your ,i
t’s a gate a ,drowned ,book sub
mersion so ]interred[ )cloud( }loo
t{ brick glimmers in her current


wreck the throated cash the gate
sock where Johnee clouds his neck
a pillowed phone an oiled book ah
exit tragedy ,named unnamed ,fid
gets in my final laundry basket
≈ the doorframe П spills my sweat
≈ and all the gnats are rising toward the sky

puddled roundly apt my lat oralication
flamed to wrassle at the throne of
spoon .your stork camino ,nuez rup
estre en el ojo lo que guardas lo
que ventanazotas con tu sangre sie
mpre útil siem pre seca ,inda
gable where my shorts inhale the
bees swirling near the roof * * * * * *


ladeado soy y la carne Juanito des
cubre lo que le trona en los dedos
o el )pedo( en las piedras del inod
oro ●●● mist in sugar and my
coat rumbles in the backseat with
your lizards glazed crowning of his
trono where he glares right through the
floor sees a cave sees a hat collection

the guts the corn the loom the sock
ulation where my eye was you the ten
ts of bone the lunging clock the nested
livers in your armpit’s just a stonehead
blipping in his lathered roof the wheezing
ash the donk cloud wheel the stinging
drinker at my foot .__ .__ o speed the
bomb step inside your sock drawer


your sock fulla nickels blurred in
cathair beneath his dog divan my words
clustered like a sat-on pillow ■ map
the buttcrack route Ҩ the heaving floor
where Johnee sped his talking flakes
o rustbelt smelling like a sandwich
in “its nostril” ,float beside the air a
cross my gnatty fields my intestinal sky

chud duff
ik sewn
dog matter
● ● ●

the strong sky

lumber nabba cage
shud leaf ∂
sue the foam
out ═ bars ║║║║

aw log aw ga
sp ~ real neck
mur dug flag

yous knew’t ‘at
runner caw’t
leg baked

trout sore

snored my eel in sheets of
burning air smoke roiling
toward the trees I drank
my ash your nickel clinking
down the steps the

spot fashion ,door lathe
r wets my sleeve your
shining arm turns
off the light o whee
zing cave o limits
in the rooms

yr boat I grew
I ,nadaficar
I samed the
)thing was(
lapped to


such inch such
dot sake

your shirt and star

saw rant
todito claro

y nube
)y moto(

ni modo me
en cumbré
me ví
)no raio(


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