Thursday, September 22, 2011

amblydopia mis dientes
ajosquerosos ˽˽˽ bl
oody miles away - -
w and ered sur ly ha
cia el morte el mor
de shattered focos

mocos pond 0 apt
rectude sho fuzz
got eante que leíste
trucu lento mójate
el jitomate tu lencgua
f i s t u m i n o s a

long chow der nap
lung se dent nap
loose ro lent nap

dog c locker er )nap(

shud meal seen uh
bets lean ● bomb )w
et wood( traced the
stain ate the e the e
sencia ... woofing left

s tun hake yr di
nnert w akes na
classy war ts gn
arling asp irina
en yr pl ate ȯ
hurling s tones

the lipless one
nets ,moons ,r
oots ,,, the see
ped mon keys st
ray ~ laminados y
l a m i d o s


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