Wednesday, September 21, 2011

mud suit liberation planned the
dog laugh fissure siezure slowly
knobbed ● ● the dank cow muci
languorous so my flaming milk ≈ ^^
lights the path the breath the ,lung
dot • stony laundry stinking in the
hallway where his broken shirt double
selbuod was a cloven skin


dark lint and my tripled key sh
oulder craps your door clock er
go laps e of hairbrush pasta .ha
ngers empty and a rubber bull da
ngles from the bar it squeaks an
d ,wets the floor ,the clock cr
ashes an my dribbling neck’s a to
ol a boat a glass a hose a no

che chee cheee cheeee pet sli
ppery the grunt leg I leaned agai
nst the door and bought it out
.a number 5 scabs I talks a
lotta knots lifts .to walk the
senses olvídate del sentido único
y ,combinatoria shapeless in the
saw dust of my facial skinning


where it saw the stink ham Ǘ
roiling down the ≈ flooded stree
t or cheese clouded in yr poc
ket where Johnee nods the
fifth direction ↑ your shimm
ery hand ↓ not pointing held
that single french fry thinks
about the hole to stuff it up in


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