Sunday, September 18, 2011

shoe drool ¬¬ ,,,
minder gas c lamp
trootful hummbing
inna singk gum sh
irt aw jest ste p
\\\ a w a y

dr unken cor cor n o
pultenia’s sweller sh
ape her ear de cuitla
coche in mamejada por
el hon go mu lterior

s lug a hole swift
lurker /// spillage
thru um exit wound
I s wept be fore
s om e a gl ass a
dr ink a lig htt

swell thumping k new
um dirt ,,,,, swung
towelless in his bu
zzing c one Ʌ fr
oughta s tink ton ite ought
a n e c k )see(

stew mute ne
ck )mot( e
brimming thr
one couldn
‘t say cold
er’n ·

yunk dot me
trix ,fl
ame of so
re mutt
e red na
me ow
n bought


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