Tuesday, September 13, 2011

the stroke of lignite and your pants
injection → crumb itch beside your
mouth • my ton gu st shaper ,wh
ere her loots rewhine ,around the
corner it’s a bowl of ash and light
roof materialist ^ )on the ladder I s
lept for years( rung the cans of nails d
rifting in my skull the clothes explode


laughed inside the gritty crust a
mask of something from my eyes is what
you saw ?la mazorca inhablada ?las
tunas rolled beneath the table like ojos
con agujas minimalistas neblinas de
mayo en el monte I wore the boneless
face the cargo shorts and spilled my
drunken lunch beneath your window

dog runt lap remission spell a super
whorl what he saw upended in the s
wimming pool ≈ alberca asquerosa de la g
uerra modular ,total el humo sin finito
arfing arfing ≈ waves I never sat again ni
número ni neglactivo )≈( )home grease
shaded in your shoe an buttcrack Ҩ
,water( dribbling from the burning trees


,shoulder ,spider ,sandwich ,stinging
swat the song detritus left on Johnee’s
glance a ruling comb faucet ,cagadito
,peldaño era ,sumido al agüita fumeral ,mis
duraznos olvidados en el surly snow he
П kept behind garage an icy stage
creaking with what’s stunned an gotten
.,feet ,faucet ,fibula ,fantod ,festered flag


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