Sunday, September 18, 2011

ogle him ,mute ee or ,plungent
shirk spedaled leaply cor mis
tunas nosimndémnicos the thhick
hammed breath conglottic in
his ,shave the wall .the ast
eriskine nodding ,belate the
roofer Johnee what my up
side natters in your flooded sleeve


bushy crud pulsulating on my
screen damp excitplosion if’ed
your piltdown aperature )bi
nding fulla bugs( the sweeping
entity congoja puntarenas
blinking through the sandy...rice
your fingers shine your la
vandería se dobla sin espejo

dozens gate co///apse the inter
texto rustle thru yr shoes an
Johnee trawls the brilliant gutt
er mime the shifting wa\\s
.dug the loot but felt my inn
ards swerrve ,occulesco ,w
rit of vomit learned my sh
apely door and your compaction


the bubbbled through my aw loud
seeming-neck ,snorty grunty
,pesto in the lake your fforkk
clam stinker roofless ,rum
bled ,osscillative o my gla
nd hocks !MASSIVE mummble
in the spoons where Johnee’s dor
med his hand his crispy hand


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