Thursday, June 9, 2011

blam n uts ph one my eye impaction dog and ch ew .rem ote the pylon sin gle wire dr i p p ing in the fog system’s slow plac ation ,strangled natter

s lot chop ped estal nor sp lashing thr one I sle pt among the belts the stor m bomb singing strew my liper a tion my levered fog in s ack ))))shu dd d der)))

chew cheaper lu ,ng rote uh schleppage gob of sprit n ote uh b uggy n ,eck em g ait offlegged were I tr ,a ined the ro am sink b utt er sh ,adow in me mo ,u th wi ,nd cro ss the st ,age

sp e l l m i l d ew gr ipping w all lispther so redid chew enh texdt d og pooly an the s purt of thi ,ngs )gutter( p lug p ole || gnatt er ing in thet wet cor ,ner

sugar dance nor corn locker where I heard my hose my slaggy shoes crumbled in uh sandw hich waits beneath a streetlight with a plas tic skull my leg itchy itchy

ahg bog dander lout my boob plumber tepulli sluggish sweetly sl eeping ))like a lake(( ≈ splash cart the suitcase leaks its wa≈ T ≈er

Hod s norE
my jApes


sHorts Of

doG lUNch
stePped o

nest of nates

should shape

should knot

my comb flag

))pretty bloody((

notes & shots
dang dang

waller one


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