Saturday, June 4, 2011

lick plunger nekkid tone
a ants contraction sing
. tube or synthesizer sha
pe of wheeling sugar in
yr eye it’s what I )gave(
impacted in the gummy
s o u p

slab of mumble torque in
dented with a dime too
shot to carve or slumb er
in my asholine a ho le O
linger in the bur ning
shirt like clouds or ‘s just
a cough in dust

butter groped and nodde
r at the soap dispenser
where you r name reveals
reveals a tunnel thrashin
g through my blood’s a
bottled mind a can of tuna
rusting in the sun o fog my
t o n g u e

gristled gate the sca
t ered lung and foghorn
sandwich all that fuzz
and blackened grease
beneath the fridge I
crawled beside the ph
one window ate an ear

dirt ,run
my dust dog

“the weasel”

the mute caught finger

chump use
gerbils and kraut

the numbered lint



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