Wednesday, June 8, 2011

lo ñoño el mitote la cumbre lo fúnebre el fin la camisona lo “nombrado” el brazo la escalera lo tuerco el dineral la niebla lo sobado el peso la fin ada

forkface you was ak ak ak ka ka an spillage cluck a sp oon )cuanaca ,clerk( )the seconds flopping( ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,thighs ))curl(( in the p a n

off jab an crust off pill an light off cree ping shudder in my g ate my gait off si dewalk dancing in the ::rain pizzle business off getting dre S sed

foglit shirt an est imation of the index leakage in your lap the crusty faucet an grind a flashlight in your mouth the bulby taste the floor spi T tle

exo skeleto trace d nur throadt plants ashwise crackwards spending all um nerts or )nurts( fought fog outside wh at arm what clod ter rón gotea en la cama

)))my muddy shirt my shouty slab my gon na slot my rice my folder bubbly with yr thinks my chewed my sunk my dragging co in my mano di visible(((

the jumpy sandwich ate my cloud my what for got to twist the numb er flagging at the gate el mero .agujero intest ino fútil ni apropiado ay mis coldcuts’ l a u n d r y

choppy was ,an assolined ,exlibred ,trumped an gored ,focus limp ,daze of shadows in the T shirt garbage flaming in the dawn o cage of fingers foaming through the butt O N S

join the stone that lizard
smells a doorway sucked into the wind a mobile fa ucet cangrejo cristalino o tumba en mi taza seman al de viento apestoso surely su rly you can see my l.i.n.t

the lucky dust entables all my fungus nodding at the glandow wind or forkage splatters past my your dil do renter gapes before the freezer sees the fog in side the soap yr eye in hales

shapeless sausage treme bunda o la escalera des carnada lack your phone book of grumbling in the molar plexus where yo ur shat shot breeds o page the wursted bomb

feathered finger drags your face away the meta tar sal or my luggage snack retails for skipping that’s the gruff mine hair the slumber in your grout yes pillow raging in the s o u p

dual shine
mudder fork
when chirpers rain

when ]uh[


knotty one o


lụng clay
fulgor noético


trap thunk

the whistle

the wind

the sow

hamster suit

grits “and” hammer

read the clouds


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