Wednesday, April 27, 2011


numb my muskle

gribs ed
snong snore

ya shoe




junk ponds

ral I run

mat e

all was(nt) los





mis tiples


missed bruma
dog swept

cacona cúbica

seethe the flay
flag hole

slept ,“mustard”

loog coorn doog
perito soy

hasta chata




the cloudy dog leg
the cornered dog sign
the crispy dog loot
the clotted dog wind
the cruddy dog clock
the clobbered dog stem


my finger shooter clam
my faucet shooter calm
my foggy shooter cake
my fungoid shooter cast
my frigid shooter carp
my fantod shooter crank

Guau Bow

rest your lago in the lake
rub your lumen in the light
rag your lenteja in the lentil
rule your lomo in the lump
rack your líder in the leader
run your lobo in the labio


the sordo leaks your boom
the sangre leaks your boil
the sumo leaks your butt
the sano leaks your bun
the senda leaks your back
the suero leaks your bundle


rusty spittle drowning in your fork my
toppling lather drowning in your face my
clotted bathtub drowning in your finger my
spoiling concrete drowning in your fistula my
bomber shoelace drowning in your faucet my
swilling textbook drowning in your flag my

Runny Lung

ashy sock I focused in your suitcase
pork sock I fondled in your suitcase
drum sock I fingered in your suitcase
spinning sock I fogged in your suitcase
sobbing sock I faster in your suitcase
boiling sock I figured in your suitcase

Just Come On Back

must & knew blunt
crap & grew sole
lock & real kite
lot & sore tool
shore & shunt foot
list & mile rot
blot smile & fist
loot crunt & floor
rule door & sot
bite heel & clot
knoll stew & slat
slunk fool & crusty

The Stream The Meat

my fog my sandwich gland my
user forced scratched the mirror
my eeling window mouth or
crusted spoons behind the fridge my
lists my long falls my ladder
crawling from the garage your
cans of tuna swelling like my
breath you swivelled in the
blinking stream a slab of pink
baloney glistens in your lips


costranalgas en mi mano el jugo
drogado la caca kako que perdía
en mis calzoncillos yes it was it
dragged my chew across the door your
seething throat me anda lucrativa
sorely shaped like burning cellphones
)I was crapping( )coughed( spitting
on my watch reloj de agua quemada
)water up my flag water
up my corndog floater
water up my canine water
up my lunchless suitcase
water up my atl watered
up my plummet sock drawer
water off and water me las
cloacas en mi plan de ayuno
plan de shaking in my sugared
shorts and stops( .stops

Nate Or

nape luggage yr fangs depth yr
fangs’ debt my keeper lung and
torcida la mano ,soy ,sample of ,t
runt or ,should double coughing
in the sandwich wind circling in my
shorts .the tooth stumbled the
mute fork twisting in the lint I
cracked “it” open closed “it”
with my sleeve’s enamel was my
hand fog .dragged them grips a
cross the yawn and closed my
eyes on the road

The Wad Box
For Cecil Touchon & Picasso Gaglione

I looped my crown behind my
teeth I dogged and smiled
I aped my wallet like a
grunter fork .scald the
lint and fester forth ,chir
ping in the parking lot a
box of gumwads ,twinkling
in the elevator with my
stapled nose .I shat and
hopped ,mud and moon ,tumb
led past the crispy charms
you “see” .lamer la lengua lodo
lo que ,lentes de obsidiana I
hooked my gown and lay my
face in the open lid


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