Monday, April 25, 2011

spraddle ten lumps
rice throat

ad d


shunt met off
flangg sprat

off song

sot chowder
yet ) spre ad ? (


the bubble tomb
yes a shutter


comb crime
nur feather tone

was sinking

drot land
toot tooth you
should sin

k g

crawk master
bang ban bng


folder shim
bõil nut

yes it’s cragging

creasing sugar
land foil


the pestle sunk the knife roof
malt ladder oh chain of leaving
sand and spew my holt foot uh
halt? knot knack naw spell
slump a mile triste the
tryst turned the sandal
down the toilet a gun fog a
mess of crickets frying on
your plate )nest of moon( to
piary píopío )nodding( flat
and slack stop and sock (net and
no (

Was Nuts

blank pool or luggage knot
lint passed tense sugar the
fart light casserole next the
toilet smoldering table the chair
of hair the shoe of steak fissure
collapse that scar your birthday
suits and notes sham whistle gun
mote )a word( toodle away!
)should the soap( dribble from your
eye I cashed the faucet string

Cracked Bottle

the bottle of water sinks my
step shirt laps ton of waste
loop core of cash the sleet node
I spell the faucet key shoulder
time whistle the log gate wet tooth
the red sneeze my shot of sangre
speaking sun a fog shorts stiff and
dried pelting wind a corn shone a
pizzle spooned my armpit dan
cer dan ger dan k soda sp
illing in the basement light


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