Friday, October 29, 2010


sh short sh
sh shaper sheet sh
sh better call dome sh
sh shut the shout out sh
sh slivers and moons cup storm sh
sh bomb the water’s calm lake stem sh
sh curt sh
sh then fake palm’s rather uh plunger sh
sh form’s up goons and livers sh
sh doubt the scout gut sh
sh slow wall wetter sh
sh feet waver sh
sh snort sh

Chair Smoke

bean louder clam
dung mood
done left high
seem pencil
dry flab door
plate crisp
bull nope was
gash lent
rent the char

Third lug

bawl ladder
gum you wrote
felt dripped
clod clap ,dent
door shoe
peer godly stun
doggy north
bum lack chain
shudder was

Each Pile

change of slab
fork hum
plunge half drink
please crawl
dust gun nap
leaf pull
pall or cheese
dream gate
shorn and looms

Cloak Room

duck lunch
fail port laugh
meat broom
lever cloud gagging
pure pour
sham lift gland
tore bile
sawn chert cloud
pent runt


Rush mighty key and sausage works
Plan to angle cough the sheeting
Stun my fork crust of lake
Bag crime listed in the sigh
Glad dent ,mop gruel ,sewed doom


Lord of napkin sotted torque
Brash gnat loomer of the shim
Paste or courage crumbled hash
Fonder loquat aped the window
Mice and dander shame my lung


Border flop a custard in your hat
Bring a throbber to the cutoff valve
Humming book and laundry mist
The growling the seeding the chocking
Gland dancer heaving linguini bowl


Dual shovels collapse my backside
Dame shorter files the lens
Body stubble and my shuffled meat
Comb or roof nattering in the cloud
Flood sandwich drying in the throat


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