Thursday, October 28, 2010


Sobbing and crashing ,suit faucet
Blacking song or blut curse
Shaper clotting past the hearth
Bam clod best of shaming
Flutter clock and elbow splashing


Home to fog .loot trust
Mute heel .nor sling
Grapple dog .loud runner
Nab the croak .is tomb
Bled inch .should loud

Oh Oh

.rumbling .crooning .boating
.blotting .necking .sorting
.crumbling .suiting .glomming
.aging .bombing .netting
.flapping .flagging .fowling


.but .said .nit
.knot .lump .lint
.tout .sock .sunt
.dunk .lat .nut
.hunt .goat .sat

Of The

Dung loan bashed the ice gum
Plan to slapdicate the bleeding ear
Phone and foam ,bum and bees
Rotty cusp groveled on the deck
Runny dome glancing at the rock


Back craw melt time towel
Matter blackly clambered suit
Fussed the fuse your ashole necks
Bother poops or scale the scent
Former huff scale or concatination


Ding hoop mess of lumpage
Clap master phones the strewn
Frenchfry imitation and the laundry
Buzzing corn size shimmied mort
Are the landings shaped with shirt


Shoot my broth gambit after crawls
Dump size efforts gas the star
Matter gackly oddly sensitized
Shorter belts ,steps and heads
Rule creeping mobbed the porch


hole half
ream doubt
mast locker
rub dream
bomb the spoon
file shirt
crash edge
lake luck
how spell


crack lop
spread suit
when lent
pore pour
pile of gnat
crunt lock
shed air
spry shade
or slather

The Box

loop rung
tome lather dries
send breath
time luber cone
spiral glance
that nothing known
plunge foot
rug talcum drifts
tool bred

Wet Clock

lab and mist
leaf crust
fold the lichen
page glut
grunt and sleep
rage window
bag of rocks
screen ,fungus
sweep the door


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