Friday, October 22, 2010


Blank shipboard and the clocking sang
Throat uh throat bases floated grime
Lashed the soggy loaf my head
The air was blooming on my wave
Thunder glass tested for a brimming spoon


Sing the clock and board ship blank
Float the grime base the throat uh throat
Head my loaf the soggy lash
Wave my was the blooming air
Spoon brimming for a test of glass an thunder

Simple Things

Change the rate of falling corn
Step on your shoe
Jump to the “other side”
You were coughing on the table
Shape your lunch into a ball

Ready or Not

Pull a shoelace from your ear
Feather your head and jump
Pour a can of beer into your pants
Hold a coin and grin


mute fool
sped lice
sure glum
matter tongue
spray the thimble
sewn drool
page god
tranq phone
mule gum


root lather
draw mire
sprad neck
sawn stem
save the crumple
tower phone
fell clown
nap mice
try dink

Better Off

ankle sleep
flat dog
gum mule
drape the
face coffee thing
rot off
metal thumb
leap mind
trunk sot


keep thumb
brat necgk
none of
plastered snow
came off stringing
eat pool
same went
door lung
some pile


x slam x
x bright box x
x nodding moose lamp x
x crested mouse squashed foot x
x plow my shirt ravines mumbled x
x half lenticular half shot half plundered x
x dust x
x wandered cough clot cough dentifrice cough x
x crumbled reams dirt sigh falls x
x loot sloshed house upended x
x damp shoe plodding x
x toxic light x
x blam x


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