Friday, December 18, 2009


roller one
sag cute
chopper float


alter water

, , , , , , , , , ,

dot dot dot



dust lab
nuh blob


howl an hall

One Leaf

hostile merit an some:::boot scum...t
he waddled ferret,,,,gun butt che
wed )))osculation((( o bvious like,,,
a swallowed tongue a a a a a a a a
//soon to said;;whistling ,crud con
trol I shot an shout )take my
lung(( )( the colder pages

The Cost

boss mute ;dung ham sttttutter r r c
âme thunken lest the slooup yr mu
zzle >>>><<<< ““g ate”” spotted g
land ))ogland(( g listened in my pock
et was some,,,,hash an gashup ...the
clunky loot in the seat of your pants th
e :::ought to..the lung rumble ,,,,the list


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