Monday, December 19, 2016

dental surgery

purrs down ahn sl
anted toothache g
lib er ate ah brillo
pie sack of sewage
in a suit the ants' pree
xcision labored thru eh
fog clam wrest ,w
restled time o wind
gugulped inside out unh
Raw Used Car yr gunned
skinhead in a wig bent
vis ions dintersectioned
in sun armchair s mold
ered in uh coupon maze
ment was yr snakes will
humming cakatipalista
tunnels th rough yr
c rumbling b rain a
void the vessel “O
pen mouth and he

conveyor globs pap
er shit out fish let
ters ttwwisted in
yr ophaptic gravel

Glommed out of 3 essays by
Jim Leftwich of Dec. 7, 2016


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