Saturday, February 21, 2015

fish and glue

is there a need to revive who
says the country sinking in a
pool with all its form or inch
masks and soups or plungers
thumping the drain was sand at
body's end possessed with
puppets or by the wooden teeth
splintered into great shafts of
echo echo torsion crumbles
your history's granite shit large
across the dogma flies and
rabbits obsessive ether swirls
in the gravity in the rash of
air your crowded lungs im
pulse reverie lipped in the
muddied glass window cl
ouded with birds or sk
eletal angels lacking eyes l
acking eyes the parallel
lines diverge come to a
point or seismic archaeology
raving next a tiny lamp whose
shoes open with a yawn your
furious knot defenestrated re
mains in weeks your earth
flickers with linoleum f
lickers with the edge of
thought I convected
through yr crumbled stasis
was the sandy axis where
“in reality I'm sitting here
playing a banjo and talking
to a goose” Blaster Al Ackerman

Interjective discourse through
Jim Leftwich's Six Months Aint No Sentence,
Book 104, 2015; & Ivan Argüelles' “anabasis i”, 2015


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