Saturday, February 21, 2015

tonsil karst

drain the elevator resides
in the present key the
tense leg fibrillates be
neath the blanket wounded
by that forklift's mapless
clues in the dusty distant
tortilla barking chews a
lens your sleeve just sw
allowed snub-nosed circus
between the air exhaled
between yr eyes o th
robbing tonsil inside the st
one's little voices eyelised
toesolve nail gitive shudder
in the restless foliage where
that sprayed echo s s
leeepss ttooth sweaty
in the lightning cc avity aim
yr tttongue and groaning f
aucet's not the language
evidence not the ether
crackled in yr yawning
thunder on yr knees a
loss of touch and radish
drown the lake drown the
lake yr anaerobic entrance
insistent ice frozen
tickets that exploded Bill Lee
against the screen your br
eath the ology laughed wet
down the stairs

Interjective discourse through
Jim Leftwich's Six Months Aint No Sentence,
Book 105, 2015; & Ivan Argüelles' “anabasis ii”, 2015


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