Sunday, August 3, 2014

reverse the glass

her name is dominant engine
hair is books composed of
memory syringe sky and
fire computer nursing bot
tles burning mouth is
I forget the toothache as
bestos secret gestures name
is rain and homilies a
vacant room the shitter
body losing all prurient rights
bitter migraine skeleton a
descendant sword uncounted is
and and a shudder in the
bee-hive hairdo desproportion
ate to the useful lexicon
culture name is evanescence
shadowed in progressive ghost
vowels guessed charades
is empty parking lot and
logoglyph her name is useless
revulsion mispronounced sang
urinary practice barking at the
face mingled imaging of the
filthy glass the mutant mono
tone the hushed woof sitting
witless can cannot uh be reversed

The path through Useless Preface to a
Romantasemic Writing by Jim Leftwich,
Théophile Gautier, and Olchar E. Lindsann; &
Ivan Argüelles’ “orphic cantos”, 61; 2014.

meat skirts

absorb again at nothing
new the gap wake cover
age changed a daybreak
damage period shining
broken ledge in shows
couch booklet whitening
formlessness off my eyes
eats the snail fate flu
ctuating gasses sleeping
atoms wagglers in the
other water recycled a
byss the early speech
explains fable explains
trash cans spool lightning
rushing car biriicyclir
breath snatch the oogglers th
umbnail consciousness verbs
hover in the hill your
venom memory poetry fe
ver in the basement clod
talking over one eye
produced ink doom reflects
the pain of shshoes un
loading hhistory in the
stapled cave of random
swarms ay dog bees
tousled sleep’s traffic
attention ,barely percep
tible bat cigarette

The trail through Ivan Argüelles’
“orphic cantos”, 62; & Jim Leftwich’s
Six Months Aint No Sentence,
Book 81; 2014.


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