Thursday, June 12, 2014

rumor pendejo

after crawled my ,d
ripping ash white sm
ear on kitchen counter
- ate my days an c
offed - yr root anal
lictic ,verdura de tu
ojo lítico es ano y
es un año más  .tu
parapeto ,tu mo
bilis ansión ))the
fog was “fake” ,or
ingruntion lupus f
olded in my lunch xictli in yauhtli.
- Huehue Benítiz



issues lockdown folders and
your punished logorrhea wha
t’s the point these wurds
chanchered in the evening
light your positron or
crawling pants the pockets
drip ,,, tape your sh
irt count your sandy
folders on the beach be,,,,,,,,,,,,,
neath your bed



d flooder snore my n
ap itite shaker ,clroud
ma p nexst the sh
ower head  .there the
bombs there the s

))your sordid shoulder ((

ru in

S ample rain ,my
n odd ing coff
ee ntrada por l
as pie dras t
ico lo mo ja do
rm ido  .so f ell
into my ,casa pir
amidal ,n ichos
fulla heads

yr tomb yr shirt


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